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Manufacture and Sale of Hardwood Flooring

Slovak manufacturer of mosaic and classic parquet flooring with a 30-year tradition. We offer mosaic parquet flooring in oak, smoked oak, steamed beech, and ash finishes. Classic parquet flooring is produced only in oak. Upon request, parquet flooring can be made from other wood species.

Quality and Benefits

Hardwood Flooring

There are several reasons why many people prefer classic wooden parquet flooring over other types of flooring.
Here are a few benefits you can gain from using classic wooden parquet floowing:

Aesthetic value

Wooden parquet flooring has a natural beauty and charm that adds a warm and pleasant feeling to the interior. Woods can have various textures, patterns, and shades, allowing you to choose a flooring material that best complements your home’s design. High-quality wooden parquet flooring can contribute to increasing property value.


Properly maintained wooden parquet can last for decades or more. Woods like oak, walnut, or maple are known for their resistance to wear and damage.

Repair options

If the wooden floor is damaged, it can be repaired by sanding and re-lacquering or oiling. This is an advantage compared to other types of flooring, which may require the replacement of entire panels.

Ecological Advantage

Wood is a renewable material. Therefore, its use has less negative impact on the environment compared to other materials that may be difficult to recycle or contribute to polluting.


Wood is pleasant to walk on and can help with sound insulation, meaning you can have a quieter and more comfortable living space.


Frequently asked questions


Do you sell parquet to individuals?

Yes, we also sell to individuals. You can contact the assistant to the managing director, Ms. Mária Debnárová (phone number: 0903 520 488).


What is the price of parquet flooring?

We will gladly provide you with the price based on the class of parquet flooring you choose and the quantity ordered.


What are the payment and delivery methods?

The method of payment and delivery is subject to individual agreement.


Do you also provide services such as parquet flooring installation?

No. We are manufacturers of mosaic parquet and classic parquet flooring. Transportation, parquet laying, and related matters need to be arranged individually.