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Welcome to the official website of Slovenské parkety (Slovak Parquet Flooring) in Banská Štiavnica, where the beauty and quality of floors take on new meaning.

Our story began in 1994 when three partners combined their strengths with a passion for wood, determined to bring unique flooring solutions to Slovak homes. Drawing on valuable experience from a German manufacturer of mosaic parquet flooring, we stood behind our vision – to offer the highest quality and style in wooden flooring.

Our commitment to lasting excellence and dedication to quality allowed us to expand our production program to classic parquet in 2008, further strengthening our position in the market. Our parquet floors are the result of dedication to craftsmanship, aesthetic sense, and meticulous work.

We are proud of what we have achieved and our ability to contribute to making homes look amazing. Browse our website and discover our diverse selection of wooden parquet floors that add character and elegance to your interiors. With us, you create spaces where beauty and durability combined with wooden floors come to life.

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SUNDERMANN Parent Company

Located in the same area as Slovenské parkety (Slovak Parquet Flooring). The company has steaming equipment used for steaming various types of wood (such as beech, agate, walnut). It is an important part of the manufacturing of wooden products for further processing.


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